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Accordion Barrier

Accordion barriers are frequently preferred with its easy to carry aesthetic appearance and easy usage.

It has modules that can be added to each other for the possibility of obtaining the desired length.

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Fast Rolling PVC Doors

Fast Rolling PVC Doors that allow personnel to work quickly, safely and comfortably; It protects the indoor environment from unwanted materials such as dust, dirt and moisture that may come from outside.

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Guillotine Glass Systems

Motorized, remote controlled, moving handrail system.

Moving handrail systems are highly preferred in cafes, hotels, restaurants, stadiums etc. to close and open them to the environment around them.

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Roller Shutter Systems

They are mono-block shutter systems that are applied on windows and do not overflow to the exterior of the building.

Lamination options, aesthetic appearance and functionality offers solutions to your architectural and decorative expectations.

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Trap and Bump

It is among the security systems used to eliminate unwanted situations that may occur.

Above ground trap and bump system, made of 7 mm steel material and suitable for passage of 180 ton vehicle.

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Telescopic Doors

Telescopic doors take their names from the telescopic movement of the wings, which are the working mechanisms, sliding over each other.

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Rotating Doors

Revolving door systems may be preferred where interior control is desired to meet elegant aesthetics. It shows excellent suitability for installation. Also provided the desired security, and can decrease the thermal conductivity and permeability of dust, dirt.

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Hermetic Doors

Hermetic doors, which are used in specific application areas such as operating theaters, laboratories and even recording studios that require sealing, close with full contact on the wall and floor and meet the air tightness requirement at the desired level.

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Pergola Systems

They are manufactured for winter gardens, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bakeries for use of a wider area. It is designed in a way to not damage the architectural appearance in outdoor spaces. Pergola products are produced from aluminum.

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Garage Doors

In the event of a sudden rain or storm, you can quickly and safely place your car in your garage.

In addition, the light unit in our systems will illuminate the garage and make the entrances and exits more comfortable and safe.

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Dock Shelter Systems

It provides fast loading and unloading preparation with its flexible rubber sidewalls and scissor system.

In textile, pharmaceutical and food industries, maintaining indoor conditions in enterprises where hygiene, heat and humidity ratios are sensitive is important. The Dock Shelters are very successful in doing this.

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Shutter Systems

Automatic roller shutter systems are produced with galvanized steel, aluminum polyurethane and steel polyurethane.

The profiles are completely closed, with windows and micro-holes options offered.

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Photocell Doors

It is the primary preference of those who think function and aesthetics together in architecture.

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Hangar Doors

There are more than one type of hangar doors with different structures depending on their locations.

-Folding doors
-Each wing sliding motorized hangar doors
-Telescopic hangar doors

are some of them.

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Mushroom Barriers

Shock and weather resistant Hydraulic Mushroom Barriers are manufactured from stainless pipes with advanced technology. The diameter and height of the barriers vary depending on the requirements of the area or the desired level of security.

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Barrier Systems

It provides ease of use in highway entrances, industrial facility entrances, car park entrances and apartment entrances.

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Tarp Systems

They are highly successful solutions in places where there is a vehicle, forklift or pedestrian traffic and where indoor weather conditions are required to be affected to a minimum level from the outdoor environment.

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Turnstile Systems

Together with the turnstile system, products such as smart card readers, fingerprint readers, encrypted entry, face recognition and handprint readers can be used as a control device.

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Iron Garden Doors

Iron Garden Doors

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Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are durable and long-lasting door solutions that can be obtained at high performance in the entrance and exit of different industrial buildings and loading places.

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Strip Curtain Systems

Thanks to the flame retardants in its compounds, fire resistant PVC strip doors can be used for partitioning in welding rooms.

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