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Health, Safety, Environmental Policy

Dikey Mühendislik Ltd. Şti . Provides Material Supply + Production and Installation services, Industri-al General Services and Facility Filling Operation Support Services in Automatic Door and Barrier Sys-tems works with extensive experience in providing services. Dikey Mühendislik Ltd. Şti . Our goal is to maintain our pioneering position in the sector, while minimizing the damage to our employees, third parties and the environment during our general activities.

Dikey Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. In order to achieve these targets, the Company has adopted the HSE Man-agement System as an inseparable part of its activities by giving priority to human health, occupational safety and environmental protection and has adopted the following principles;

- It is the primary duty of all employees to understand and apply the applicable laws and regulations related to HSE by following national and international standards.

- The HSE Management System will be continuously monitored and the applications will be result oriented and the system will be continuously questioned to make it better.

- All HSE risks arising from our activities will be identified, root causes will be examined and protec-tive measures and programs will be implemented decisively in order to minimize these risks.

- Continuous training will be provided to bring individual responsibility to the Company Employees and efforts will be made to increase their participation, contribution and competence in HSE mana-gement.

- The individual suggestions of our employees about HSE will be evaluated and those which are able to develop existing applications will be put into practice immediately.

- It shall be ensured that the machinery, vehicles and equipment used in the Company's operations are used in accordance with the relevant regulations and rules and their periodic maintenance is per-formed regularly.

- In the event of any illness or injury, necessary measures will be taken fast for first aid and treatment of the employees. alınacaktır.

- Saving will be achieved by using natural and operational resources carefully and efficiently and waste will be reduced and recycled.

- Our company follows scientific and technological innovations and projects will be designed and implemented in order to minimize the harm to nature, environment and people.

- Application performance measurement criteria of HSE management will be determined and HSE Management performance will be analyzed in line with the targets set and the results will be evaluat-ed periodically.

In line with these principles, Dikey Mühendislik Ltd. Şti . is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, acting in a manner that protects the environment during its activities, to ensure cus-tomer satisfaction through continuous improvement and to maintain the zero danger & zero accident principle.

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