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Why Choose Us

· We Are A Group Company:As a group company (PetroTek + Dikey Engineering + Kalmer), it provides in-house engineering, contracting, installation, manufacturing, testing and maintenance services under one roof.

· Professional Experience: We have been in the sector for 15 years with our expert staff and we are always preferred in the sector because of our honest and reliable trade.

· Customer Satisfaction: We serve the best quality focusing on the best, aiming for customer satisfaction in all stages from production to assembly.

· Continuous Improvement: We are constantly developing to provide the most appropriate, most accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way by following the technological developments closely.

· Team Work: The understanding that quality service and success is a team effort is one of the fundamental elements of our corporate culture.

· Reliable Service: We promise our customers to complete every service and product reliably and on time.

· Professional Employee: By providing professional training to our employees, we place awareness of quality responsibility and maintain a quality service chain by focusing on efficiency.

· Service Understanding: We pay attention to the needs of our customers, offer solutions and services in accordance with standards, and complete our work professionally. We provide after-sale service on a 24/7 basis.

· Economic Price: We are the regional distributor of the products we sell or manufacturer in our own production workshop. In this way, we offer quality service to our customers at minimum prices. We are always preferred because our profitability and payment terms are flexible.

· Solution Partners: Working with the leading suppliers in our field of activity, we offer the best products in the field to our customers.

· Customer Relations: We visit all of our customers regularly to meet their wishes and expectations in a short time and give different support in developing their business.

As Dikey Engineering Limited Company, we invite you to trust and join our company, we have a solution-oriented and professional approach towards the needs of our customers at every level, which is our primary goal to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level.

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